Who We Are

The Malaysian Society of Music in Medicine (MSMM) was founded by Dr. Sharon Chong, a freshly graduate young doctor who pursued her passion for music by bringing together a team of likeminded people to advocate for Music in Medicine in Malaysia. It was formally registered with the Registrar of Societies as an NGO in April 2013

MSMM comprises of a group of people from different disciplines with interest to promote the development and applications of music (sound and resonance through the elements of rhythmn, melody and harmony) in healing and in promoting health and wellbeing. They are healthcare professionals, music therapists and practitioners, educationalists, researchers and scientists working towards enhancing awareness, knowledge, accepatance, practice and research into the role of music in health and healthcare.

What We Aim To Do

  1. To bring together professionals from different disciplines and interested groups to promote the development of music in health and healthcare.
  2. To create awareness, acceptance and promote the use of music in healing, rehabilitative and palialitive care, as well as in improving physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. To promote collaboration in interdisciplinary research into music therapy and music medicine in health and healthcare through education and research.

Our Story

The MSMM began as a vision of a driven and ambitious young lady fresh out of medical school. Dr. Sharon Chong pursued her passion for music with her expertise in healthcare and brought together a team of likeminded professionals to advocate Music Medicine in Malaysia.

During a MSMM visit to a palliative care ward on Mother's Day, a female patient remarked that for a moment, her procedural pain was gone when her private room was filled with familiar tunes. She was visibly moved and continuously expressed her gratitude for brightening up her day.

It cannot be denied that the live singing and soothing sounds of the musical accompaniment touch the heart and souls of not only the patients but family members and hospital staff. It is seen that the power of music could enhance harmony and healing with hope as a complementary therapeutic tool in medicine. In the near future, we hope to see Malaysian medical fraternity support the use of music for the benefit of all citizens.

A full-length article entitled "The Birth of the Malaysian Society for Music in Medicine: A Concerted Move to Promote the Use of Music for therapeutic Purposes" was published in the Music and Medicine - An Interdisciplinary Journal. Click the button below to access the article.

The Birth of MSMM

Why Should I Join MSMM?

  1. To provide support towards achieving the aims of the Society
  2. MSMM provides a platform for networking with people of various disciplines to explore career and research opportunities in music and healthcare
  3. To keep abreast with new developments in Music and Medicine through MSMM's various activities
  4. Enjoy member benefit in dicsount for future MSMM educational talk and training events.

MSMM Areas

Opportunity to partner with likeminded professionals and organisations
to promote MSMM and create awareness about music in medicine.







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